As the name suggests, the WordPress Design Library is a library of WordPress design assets, allowing absolutely everyone to fast create design prototypes for WordPress UI in Figma.

This equipment is useful for designers whilst developing new UI and for everybody trying to make a contribution thoughts, enhancements, or even solutions to worm reviews. Sometimes photos truly do communicate a thousand words.


Figma is a collaborative design tool that individuals of the WordPress task’s layout crew were the usage for numerous years to paintings on and share layout principles. It gives a selection of on-hand features together with: in-browser get entry to, wealthy prototyping equipment, issue libraries, code inspectors, stay embeds, inline commenting, plugins, and plenty a good deal greater.


Perhaps exceptional of all, it’s miles absolutely loose to join up and begin gambling around. If you be a part of the WordPress.Org Figma business enterprise (commands under), you’ll benefit get the right of entry to the WordPress Design Library allowing you to design WordPress UI in no time.

Minds meeting minds is how superb ideas meet the sector


It can be easiest to consider the WordPress Design Library as a visible representation of all of the JavaScript components that compose UI in the WordPress codebase. As an end-user of the library, you may use the one’s components in a self-contained surrounding to create new interface designs. It’s the type of like a huge LEGO container containing all of the UI portions (buttons, shape inputs, and so forth.) that you could use to create and try out new designs.

Creating designs with these properties permits rapid ideation on new interfaces by means of doing away with mundane methods that one could in most cases need to paintings thru. Nobody desires to time and again double-take a look at that the button they made flawlessly fits the buttons rendered via the code! And on the flip-aspect of that coin, each person sharing a layout with others will usually endeavor to make precise elements (like buttons) fit what exists inside the code as carefully as feasible. The WordPress Design Library solves both those complications and greater.



Before moving into the sensible section of this submit, permit’s quickly cowl some of the fundamental capabilities of Figma libraries. This will help prepare us for operating with the WordPress Design Library.


As we touched on above, the library consists of “components” that function visible opposite numbers to their code-based equivalents. That is to mention, there’s a Button component in Figma, and a matching Button factor inside the WordPress codebase.

Components are factors you can reuse across your designs. They assist to create and control regular designs across tasks.


Some Figma components offer variants. One example is Button(s) which all have the following states:

  • Resting
  • Hover
  • Focus
  • Disabled


Although any additives you insert are intrinsically related to the master element in the library, it’s far feasible to override a few residences.

While running with an instance of the Button component, you could trade matters like the label, or maybe the heritage shade, at the same time as maintaining the link to the grasp issue inside the library. If you’re familiar with git workflows, this is sort of like developing a local department. Any modifications you make can without difficulty be reset in more than one click.


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