The major
Advantages of traveling by car compared to traveling by bus like 

- setting up AC temperature 
- stop where ever we want 
- comfortable sitting 
- selected songs play, etc 

where Disadvantages like 

- high maintenance 
- driving skills required 
- regularly check all components like tire pressure /oil tank check /breaks, etc. 

So both have pros and cons. We can directly compare VPS v/s Shared with the bus v/s car. Below are the key differences between 

                       Shared Hosting                       v/s                                    VPS Hosting.

– Shared Hardware resources with all hosted clients.– Server only for your single usage.
– Managed by hosting provider– Provides Root access on the server
– Good security control by hosting provider– Security control on hand.
– Customization not allowed.– Customization is the motive.
– Cost-effective– more expensive compared to shared
– Technical Server Knowledge not required– Requires server management skills
– 24×7 Monitoring by Hosting Provider– Manual monitoring
– Server Patches update done by Provider– Patches/updates taken care of by VPS Admin
– Installation of customized software/DLL not allowed– Allowed all